You will find maps of the local area together with walking guides in each of our houses, but if you need some ideas here are a few.

Ariundle Forest Walks

If you only do one walk, then this should be the one. A National Nature Reserve, it is just the most beautiful woodland you could wish for.

Walk down the drive and less than half a mile to the left you will pass the Ariundle Centre and keep on going until you get to the Forestry Commission car park. This is a simple walk or if you want more time in the woods, drive there. 

Scolands National Nature Reserve Logo

There are boards showing you the layout, but it is basically one long path up into the woods. A loop to the left takes you past old woodland crofts long abandoned. There are three turns to the right. 

  1. Takes you down to the river where there is a ford to cross over. This can be done in good boots during a dry spell, but is usually a little wet and only suitable for horses.

  2. This takes you again down to the river and then over the water on a wooden bridge. (Note this route is currently closed, awaiting replacement of the footbridge)

  3. This also takes you down to the river and over on a wooden bridge.

So the walks we would recommend are:

  1. Up into the woods. When you come to the turn up to the left, take it. This is a long loop and will bring you back down to the main path. Turn right and keep going and you will end up at the forestry car park again.

  2. Up into the woods and take the third path to the right. Over the bridge, turn right and walk down on the other side of the river until you get to the bridge. Over this and back up to the main path. Turn left onto this and you will end up back at the car park.

  3. Up into the woods. Take either the second or third paths to the right. Once over the bridge, turn right and stay on that side of the river. This will take you all the way back into the village. At one point you will be over on the hillside opposite our houses. Anyway once back in the village it's a quick walk home. This is called the Fairies Walk.

  4. Up into the woods and keep going. No left or right turns. You will eventually leave the woods and be in open land. If you keep on up you will come to the abandoned lead mine workings. When you are there look around in the spoil heaps for small crystals of lead sulphide ore, Galena.

Phemie's Walk

This is a short walk in a wonderful wooded area just before the village. You can walk from the house or park by the village green and walk from there. The entrance is just on this side of the bridge over the river in the village. There is an information board at the entrance. If you are standing by the bridge, look up the road to the west and on your right, you can't miss it.

The wood is mixed deciduous and conifer and is lush and magical. At certain times of the year it is packed with fascinating fungi and birds and other wildlife. A great place to walk the dog!

If you would like to try a Corbett

Corbetts are mountains in Scotland that do not rise to the giddy heights of Munros, but are between 2,000 and 2,500 feet.

There are two you can walk up directly from our Croft.

Sgurr Dhomhnuill and Beinn Resipol

As pretty high peaks you need to take a few precautions going up these, but they make a magnificent walk on a good day.

We would recommend you research these yourself, but put simply, Sgurr Dhomhnuill is the big mountain you see at the end of the valley and you can get to it from the lead mines.

Beinn Resipole is up the hill from us. Walk up through our croft and out onto the common grazing and then keep heading west over a series of false peaks.

The views from both these mountains are breathtaking.

In terms of time needed, you should allow 6 hours minimum for each one. The ground is very mixed and often wet. Tell people where you are going and when you expect to be back. Be safe!