Links of Interest


If you are into your walking then you cannot get a better website than  WalkHighlands.  The instructions are superb and the site has all you need.


If you would like to bring your bikes, there are plenty of great places to explore. If you want to leave them at home, you can hire bikes from Sunart Cycles, a great place in the village, they will drop them off for you at the house. Easy!

Weather and River levels 

In the Ariundle Woodlands the Strontian River flows down to the sea. In rain its level can increase dramatically. This is a link to a live recorder in Ariundle of the river levels. This is maintained by SEPA who are the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.


Not something we ever worry about, but it can be very useful to know when it is going to rain. Rain Radar can often be the most informative. Try this site to see what is falling right now! 


This is a website that shows footpaths. Unfortunately it does not show any in our area, but it is a good general map that zooms well for looking at our surrounding countryside and planning day trips. Hopefully it compliments the maps framed on the wall in Rose and Honeysuckle.

 Rare Breeds

The sheep on the Croft are Castlemilk Moorits. A wonderful breed of sheep rescued by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Take a look at their website. 

Rare Breeds Survival Trust Bluebell Croft


Our village is particularly pretty and a welcoming place to live or holiday. Here is a direct link to Wikipedia and their entry on this special part of the world.


At Bluebell Croft organic seeds are used and crops produced using organic principles. In this way, not only are the best vegetables produced, but keep the land healthy and sustainable as well. Seeds come from The Organic Gardening Catalogue. We also use the Real Seed Company.

Heating Solutions

As you might have read we have a lot of green projects going on at Bluebell. Our Biomass Boiler system uses logs to heat our houses. Taking care of all this complex plumbing and pipes is Zoltan Sinka from XKYenergy from Edinburgh.  If you need any form of green heating, Biomass, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV and servicing, then this is the place to go. Proper service from a great company