Bluebell Croft 
Meet the Owners

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Chris and Chrissie with Tony, one of our regular guests


Bluebell Croft is now run by Chris and Richard. Chris was a midwife, but left midwifery in 2013 to run the croft and self catering business with her late husband Chris.

Richard is a paramedic and you may see the emergency ambulance parked on the croft. Originally from Newcastle, Richard moved to Strontian in 2006. He has a background in IT and management and ran a B&B in Strontian before becoming a paramedic.

Running the croft and self-catering business is no easy job, but the satisfaction of being your own boss and living in such a beautiful part of Scotland, make up for it.

Strontian is a wonderful part of the country and Chris and Richard are happy to share their experiences and stories with you.

The Croft

You don’t have to pull on boots and get your hands dirty when you stay with us. However, many visitors return year after year because they and their children enjoy experiencing life on a working croft where you can do as much or as little as you like.

Quite a lot of fruit and vegetables are grown on the croft and Chris is happy to pass on her experiences in grappling with self-sufficiency.


The croft features a large 20 x 30 metres vegetable garden, a 50 ft poly tunnel, an orchard and lots of raised beds.


Each successive year sees the production of good crops of vegetables and plenty of soft fruit in the summer/autumn, all of which we are available for purchase by our guests.




Hens and ducks and provide all our eggs. We use an incubator for hatching batches of chicks - it never ceases to amaze how a helpless, damp hatchling transforms in a few hours to a fluffy, scampering, independent and very vocal chick.

We are very happy that our poultry has the very best free range life.





There are a number rare breed sheep on the croft. Chris is a member of and supports the Rare Breeds Trust.

Several of our sheep have been hand raised and are quite friendly.

Rare Breeds at Bluebell Croft 5 star accomodation in the Scottish Highlands
Sheep Castlemilk moorits at Bluebell Croft Luxury self catering in the Highlands
Castlemilk Moorit Sheep
Khaki Campbell ducks at Bluebell Croft Luxury self catering in the Highlands
Castlemilk Moorit sheet Rarebreed at Bluebell Croft
Cockerels at Bluebell Croft